PrintVision Solution: BPO Partnership

Let us handle all of your print procurement as a managed service. You'll get complete transparency, savings, and the benefit of our print buying expertise.

Many corporate, nonprofit, and educational organizations — even some large and diversified organizations — do not have domain expertise in print procurement, and rely on a small group of print suppliers to provide their supply chain necessities at a premium. PrintVision's BPO Partnership creates a sophisticated and transparent relationship with clients who do not have the time or expertise to leverage savings within its print procurement operation.

PrintVision has the only BPO Partnership solution that is driven by a completely transparent patented technology — staffed by PrintVision and overseen by the client — guaranteed to produce both hard and soft cost savings in the area of your print procurement. BPO Partnership clients realize a significant ROI with PrintVision.

PrintVision also offers Private Label software, which brings your look and and identity to the product. You'll have PrintVision powering the software and managing procurement, but with your own branding on the user interface.

See our case study of a federal government agency for a real-world example of how our Business Outsourcing Partnership can benefit large organizations.

See PrintVision's other procurement solutions: our Premium Licensing and our Enterprise Solution.

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