Case Study: The National Wildlife Federation

Enterprise Solution Client

This client saved 39% on more than ten million dollars' worth of print production, for an ROI of nearly 1400%.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), founded in 1934, is the largest private, nonprofit organization for conservation education and advocacy in the United States. The NWF is a nationwide federation of state and territorial affiliate organizations, with nearly six million members and supporters across the country. The NWF is also an Enterprise Solution PrintVision client.

In a partnership with PrintVision, the National Wildlife Foundation migrated their greeting card production from a costly in-house production system to a qualified strategic partner over a period of eighteen months. During that time and beyond, PrintVision helped the NWF identify unit costs for all other print projects produced both in-house and with other suppliers.

  • Over the next five years, the NWF saved $6,700,000, or 42.7%, on greeting card production.
  • In a two year peroid, the NWF placed $10,345,000 worth of print order through PrintVision, saving $2,680,000 on their greeting cards, and $1,351,000 on all of their other printing projects.
  • The NWF's strategic partnership with PrintVision has saved them an average of 33% across all products.
  • Their return on investment using PrintVision was 1399%.

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