Case Study: Nimblefish/RR Donnelley

Enterprise Solution Client

This Fortune 500 Company was positioned to realize enormous savings by placing their substantial print orders through PrintVision. In one afternoon alone, this company netted over $1.5 million dollars in additional profit, thanks to PrintVision.

RR Donnelley is a global integrated communications services provider, working with more than 60,000 customers worldwide on communications solutions. Originally founded in 1864, today RR Donnelley leverages the most cutting edge technology to provide printing process outsourcing and other business outsourcing services to clients in virtually every private and public sector. Nimblefish, owned by RR Donnelley, is a leading providers of communications solutions for companies and organizations. The Nimblefish communications solutions help Fortune 500 companies and other leading brands and organizations encourage engagement, improve their customer experience, build brand loyalty, and increase conversion rates.

  • In one afternoon, this client placed over $4.6 million worth of print orders for resale. Their savings of 34.38% on this job meant that they added $1.58 million in profit that day, while holding prices to their end users steady.
  • PrintVision helped this client to qualify additional suppliers; set up the parameters for the bid; and craft the contract that the winning supplier signed.
  • This client's ROI with PrintVision is 1918%.
  • This client increased its outsourcing revenue by 71% in the first six months using PrintVision's Enterprise Solution.

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